All of our items which we paint on are painted with permanent fabric paint.   They are made to last.  But as with all items of clothing, over time the colors can become less  intense and lose their brilliance. We think of these drawings as little works of art. So to care for them as such, just follow the ideal care guidelines below:

For Clothing items or Baby Gifts:

1.  If you can, turn your items inside out and wash them by hand in cold water.  If you can't wash by hand,  turn it inside out and wash in cold on the gentle cycle.

2.  For serious stains, try to spot clean them with stain removers and scrub gently.

3.  After washing, place on a hanger and let it air dry.

4.  Iron all the areas without paint.  Then turn the item inside out and cover with a pillowcase. Finish with gentle passes over the covered, inside out artwork to smooth out any major wrinkles.  Remove pillowcase and then hang.

For Personalized Hats:

1.  Use damp wash cloths or stain remover wipes to spot clean

2.  If the hats are entirely fabric you can wash inside out in cold water by hand or machine wash cold.

3.  Stuff the hat with a small towel to help form the hat and prevent wrinkles- then let the hat air dry